Video Capture Cards

What are Video Capture Cards?

By: James Lity

Live streaming video is becoming one of the hottest new fads on the internet. Many people are taking advantage of video capture cards to do just that--capture there lives on line. Video capture cards are a type of video capture device that plugs directly into the computer. Most video capture cards plug in to expansion slots on the computer such as a Pci slot. They allow users to convert one form of video to another. So say you have a lot of old vhs tapes and God forbid Beta tapes floating around your house. Video capture cards allow you to convert those old formats into something more high tech like a DVD. The true excitement with Video Capture cards, though is there ability to let users stream anything to the web. Like mentioned earlier, these video capture cards allow anyone to broadcast there life to the Internet Community. This one piece of techonology alone is almost like giving someone keys to a television studio with a clean slate. The potential is endless. There are already people out there making there own tv shows, so who knows, 10 years from now instead of NBC and Fox, the main television stations could be coming from a 1 bedroom appartment. And a lof of this is possible due to Video Capture Cards.